Meteor Vue integration guide

I started the VueJS integration guide for Meteor, because I believe its an even better fit for Meteor then React or Angular. Let’s role up our sleeves and make it awesome.

BTW, I’m working on a nice boilerplate that should later on use Meteor’s create command to create a scalable vue project with a recommended file structure that matches both Meteor’s and VueJS’s style guides. Anyone interested to join this?


You are not alone! I’ll help on what I can, although have concerns on my availability.

No worries. I’ll put it on Github asap. I’m aiming for a similar folder structure as nuxt, but with the Meteor goodies ofcourse. This to keep it simple for users.

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I would really like this! Post the link here and maybe I have some time to add my two cents :wink:

Here’s the repo already. Feel free to submit pull requests. As you can see its in quite an early stage and lacks explanation about its structure.

I am interested in posting comment, suggestions and draw a visual map of the code. But 2 things importants:

Document the code (to the line) and ideally what technology the line comes from (JS or Coffescript, Vue, Meteor, etc.) etc.

Will you be at Toronto Vue Convention (Nov 14-16)?

Nope too far. I live in Amsterdam. Planning to do meetups here though.

Thanks for the suggestion. That would be a very good idea to document it to the line given its use-case