Meteor + Vue videoseries

Hello everyone,

I recently started working on a YouTube video series where we create a Meteor + Vue app:

I hope it will be interesting to people who know Vue and want to use it while diving into Meteor.

If you shared it would be greatly appreciated, as well as the feedback you could give. I am still working on my consistency but my goal is to at least upload a video every week.

The style is aimed at being short videos that cover only one topic at a time; so far we covered setting up the development environment with a VSCode instance which lints and formats the code using Prettier, as well as getting HMR going.

Hope to catch you there,



:tada:Really great start to these detailed tutorials @ackzell !! 9 videos up, awesome! :clap: It’s cool that you are covering all the starting details of a setup too, this can help a lot of new Meteor users coming from Vue or even give some current Meteor users the courage to try Vue for the 1st time :grinning::rocket:

I will help get the word out on other places about your video series going up! And I’ll let @akryum know that you and @cloudspider are making great progress on new videos & guides!

I think the two styles of videos will give people ample options to watch & learn from.