Meteor (vue3) gps tracking employee

Created a application using Meteor-Vue3 framework for attendance checking. I wants to track the employee where they locate. So that I can detect them. Before going for a actual development for GPS based checkout need a suggestion is it really possible?

GPS has 2 main uses: get a location and track an object (or person). I am not sure which one you need.

Both are possible outdoors and getting location is also possible indoors with the the help of internet but no expectations form accuracy of data. If you are looking for a “punch in” system where an employee checks in at office/location and checks out when he/she leaves there is a better approach: Beacons: What is beacon and how does it work? BLE Bluetooth Beacons Technology Guide |

You can make your app either pop up a notification in the presence of a beacon or you can make a button or something in the UX dependent on the presence of a certain beacon. Beacons have 3 ranges.
For the above you can use the far range ~10m. With the same beacon you can make a “contactless” access where you use your phone as an access card just like you would pay with your phone.

For instance when an employee is near the entrance you can make the app pop up with something like:
Hello, welcome back. Do you want to check in? And offer 2 buttons for yes and no. The device has to have active internet. The beacon is dumb doesn’t send any data anywhere, it just signals “I exist”

Web based projects have access to the geolocation API and you can do a lot with it. Especially when you combine it with Meteor’s real time capabilities.

However, for privacy reasons the web API has one specific limitation - it does not allow background geolocation. So if a user moves the app away from the screen, then geolocation will stop (either immediately or in a minute or two once the app is put to sleep by the device).

If you really need background geolocation (for the vast majority of cases that’s not a good idea!), then you need to use the device’s native API for geolocation. If you want to use Meteor, then that would mean using Cordova for now.

for any example? please