Meteor, Vuejs 2 and Account UI?


Is there a Vuejs 2 packets/example like that works with Vuejs2 and Meteor


Can se some people just add Blaze and use Blaze accounts UI, Is that a okay solution?


You don’t need accounts-ui. All it does is save about an hour of time (in my experience).

Are you strapped for time to create your own ui for accounts?

Apologies if this doesn’t sound all that useful by the way. I see a lot of people try to shoe-horn accounts-ui into their app when it’s simply not necessary is all :+1:


If I want to make my own meteor/vuejs/vuetify/account ui, where do I get the info on howto do it?


basically you use
and you implement all the UI yourself. I have to disagree: if you want something as fancy as Meteor’s accounts-ui, it will not only take 1 hour…


And I disagree again, since all accounts-ui does is apply a ui. As it says on the tin so to speak.

If you’re interested in a Vue accounts tutorial I’ll make one though. It’s maybe not an hour, but certainly not a full afternoon to roll your own accounts system. Plus you have the added benefit of it working how you want (eg. Default avatar etc).

In short I found accounts-ui to be great as a starting point but you quickly find the limitations.


A tutorial would be great


I’ll try get one up today, but if not then tomorrow :slight_smile:


It sounds perfect :slight_smile:


See is a boilerplate using the basics of Meteor.Accounts with Vue2


That looks great! Very involved though.

I’ll still make that tutorial (it’s planned for tonight) as it’d be useful for anyone, including those not using Vue for their front-end.


Perfect, maybe it would be interesting to do this at the Meteor + Vue level, making a Fork, helping Akryum to improve it or maybe create a meteor-vue/docs. I showed this example above because I built a boilerplate on top of the structure it developed and is working well. Cheers


something new about vue account tutorial :slight_smile:


Sorry, a family matter got in the way so I’m doing it right now!

@trimurtix I’m not going to do it as a fork because although it’s focused around Vue, it’ll work with any front-end! I’m more interested in showing people that accounts-ui isn’t necessary.



I’m going to make the account code tomorrow so if you just have some of the tutorial I would be so happy :slight_smile:


Did you even take a look at this repository?

There is a basic work implemented using Accounts … if there is not yet a Guide or a Documentation to help you with this integration, give an analysis as I did, if you want to make a fork or just a clone and use it.

I will summarize here:

Basically you need 2 packages (accounts-password & accounts-base)

When you install them now you can usually use them as an application in Meteor

Here are the templates

And here an example of interceptor

Feel free to make a criticism or suggestion to improve… I will still provide documentation


I have been looking af your lets, but i’m still learning meteor, vuejs, javascript so its to advanced for me to figur out.

I just need a simple example that insert a user to the mongodb with this frontend:

#2 VForm - Validation w/ submit & clear