Meteor + VueJs 2

I followed the tutorial for creating app with command meteor create vue-meteor-app --vue. Since I have installed meteor v2.9 this command creates app for Vue 3. (Accornig to this note: Since meteorJS version 2.9 the default –vue will create a vue3 app, in order to follow this tutorial, use the vue2 command: --vue-2)
I edited above command like meteor create vue-meteor-app --vue-2 in order to use Vue 2. Now, when I look into project directory there are files in /imports/ui App.jsx, Hello.jsx and Info.jsx. I would expect *.vue extension (like in Vue 3) and not *.jsx witch is obviously for React.
What do I do wrong?

found command and it works:
meteor create --release=2.8.1 --vue

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