Meteor web services and rest services

Meteor will allow both we services and rest services?
Will it consume and expose services?
How can I consume?
Client side or server side?

Yes Meteor based apps can both provide and consume web services.

To consume external web services, you can use Meteor’s HTTP API from both the client and server. Now that Meteor supports npm, you can also integrate one of the many thousand other HTTP based API’s out there, like axios.

To provide web services for your application, you can look into using Meteor packages like simple:rest and nimble:restivus.

Thank you @hwillson

I am new to meteor,

Currently I would like to consume the webservices, can you suggest a way to do it?

or provide any link to go a head.

This article should help explain how to use Meteor’s HTTP API to consume external web services: Using the HTTP Package

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