Meteor webcam and mobile camera access?

How to build a website with meteor like when it is accessed by a laptop it can access its webcam and on the other hand when the same website is accessed by the mobile it can access its camera?

That would be really interesting… Have you checked Maybe there is something there @abhinavmanagix. I would like to see this be implemented into an app/web app.

the mdg:camera package does this by default:
The camera function works in chrome and firefox but not in safari.

Edit: For camera access on mobile it needs to be packaged as cordova-app.

It should not be an app, On the mobile it can also work on the same web address and will accessed by an web browser from any mobile and uses its camera since its still a website and not an app on mobile.

Browser support for the Camera API is not universal yet. Only Chrome and Firefox on desktop, and only Firefox on Android. Otherwise you need to build an app and use Cordova.

I have been playing with a couple of packages, mdg:Camera is very basic. I have made some improvements at

I also wrapped leemachin/say-cheese into a meteor package as mikkelking:say-cheese. A Meteor demo app is available at This is a smoother demo than mdg:camera, and worth a look.

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