Meteor - Website + Mobile App


I have looked around but I haven’t been able to find much details in regards to this. Therefore, just wanted to confirm my understanding of Meteor in both Web and Mobile domain.

Meteor can either serve as a website or also create binaries for the Mobile devices. My understanding is that a project can’t be both ( unless we are talking on having a website that is mobile friendly).

This means the solution to have a Meteor Website and a mobile app working with the website is through packages that enables communication between both (DDP?). So I would need to create two separate projects one for web and another for mobile.

Is this understanding correct? I would really appreciate some clarification on this :slight_smile:

You don’t need to create two separate projects. The mobile version of meteor is a website, which is mobile friendly. It’s just your website version squeezed down to the phone width, which runs in a web-view in a native app. This is part of the appeal of Meteor. I suggest using a grid system like bootstrap so that your website is responsive. Another option is to use Ionic. There are plenty of CSS frameworks out there which are compatible with Meteor/Blaze/React. I think you’ll have to make your site mobile friendly though, which shouldn’t matter, since anyone on lap/desk-top will see the appropriate version of the site, if their screen is large enough!

Thank you for your reply!

If I use Ionic there are certain things like cordova won’t be available to the desktop users, hence the reason why I thought there might be two projects, otherwise the website itself will need to have a checks everywhere to provide the behaviour depending on the platform used( either mobile or desktop), here is where my confusion is.

@juniobranco your assumption is correct, however it’s not that bad. You’d do something like:

if (Meteor.isCordova) // cordova-specific code goes here...