Meteor WebSocket Filter with reactive change not working?

export default class RegistroPersonas extends TrackerReact(React.Component) {

constructor(props) {
this.state = {
subscription: {
pacientes: Meteor.subscribe(“pacientes”)

shouldComponentUpdate(nextProps, nextState) {
if (this.props === nextProps) {
return false;

componentWillUnmount() {

data() {

return Pacientes.find({nombre : new RegExp(this.state.nombre, 'i')}).fetch(); 



let mario =;

        <MuiThemeProvider >

                  <div className='segurosMedicos'>
                          { => { return <PersonasRows key={ob.inx} objeto={ob} /> } ) } 

                      <DialogAgregarPersonas />




Good day,

I am trying to apply a filter on the data I return with the subscription when I apply a filter to this.state.nombre 

 return Pacientes.find({nombre : new RegExp(this.state.nombre, 'i')}).fetch();  << 

Does not update 

                              { => { return <PersonasRows key={ob.inx} objeto={ob} /> } ) } 


if I force the rerender then the filter will get deleted if I add a new value to the Pacientes collection I will get a new Row but if I apply a filter it won't short the list if I apply the filter manually it works 

 return Pacientes.find({nombre : new RegExp(/j/i)}).fetch();

Any other way I could make react notice the change and update according to filter? the only way I think of.. it is making another component with the data I need and sending it a prop to force an update but seems like not the right way of doing it? 

Help?? :blush: