Meteor Windows to bring Windows Phone support?

As Cordova supports Windows Mobile I was wondering if Meteor will support mobile Windows phones as well once we see official support for the OS?


It might, one of the reasons for not supporting it was no Windows support (which is coming)

Thank you for bringing it up but we don’t have any plans to support Windows Phone at this point. There are several reasons.

The first and most obvious reason is: Meteor has no official support for Windows yet.

See other reasons too in the same post.

Yes, to elaborate on @slava’s point above, there are other reasons why it is hard to support both Cordova/PhoneGap on Windows and Windows Phone itself. It’s probable that these will be supported eventually but there are no current plans for it.

In the mean time, you could always use a DDP client and build a native windows phone app by connecting to your Meteor server.
or (I think)

That would be a good thing to play around with and make a blog post on :wink:

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Excellent - that means I do not have to worry about Windows mobile for the time being. Good enough for me :smile:

Is there anything wrong with just compiling the .meteor/local/cordova-build directory with the cordova command line tool for windows then?


Meteor 1.3 will support developing Android apps on Windows. There are currently no plans to support Windows mobile, because that would require us to rewrite the file serving and hot code push plugin for another platform.

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Thank you, I see.
But the app itself and the ddp-connection should work I guess, is it?

No, the plugin is needed for it to work, because we use it to serve the files that make up your app.

Courage to the meteor team. You guys are doing a great job. I am just coming on board.

And my search brought me to this post. I am very happy to join this community.

I encourage you to keep your vision. We can never say ‘never’, yet so far it is good and the best is yet to come. keep it up Meteor team!!!