Meteor + Windows + WSL2 + WebStorm = headache

Hi, is it possible to configure Meteor debug on Windows + WSL2 + WebStorm 2020.2? In WSL2 I have installed Ubuntu 18.04 with meteor package and everything works.

But now, I would like to debug the Meteor app, but when I add new configuration into my project configured like this:

…the WebStorm would like to run ubuntu meteor app as Windows app and of course It cant works.

How can I start meteor debug from WebStorm with WSL2? I tried also this:

…but also not helped :frowning:

Thanks for each answer.

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There’s a feature request for this, since currently the only way is to create a npm script run configuration and then attach a debug session to the node instance.

You can vote for a direct implementation here

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Windows user here. I debug Meteor applications (both frontend and backend) in WebStorm just like @tcastelli described and it works without any problems. There is a Meteor plugin that pretty much sets everything up for you, but if you have any questions about this setup I might be able to help.

Hi @tcastelli, It’s sad to hear about discontinue the Meteor plugin development from JetBrains :frowning:

Where are you seeing that? The plugin seems to be alive and well and was last updated on Nov 17, 2021?

Ekaterina Prigara suggested no more features will be developed for the Meteor plugin in Jetbrains, and that they might eventually release it as open source for people to take care of it (check my last link comments)

In any case, since I opened that request a lot has changed. Windows 11 comes with a WSL2 version that allows to view GUI applications running inside WSL, so you could install Webstorm in wsl and then run it from there as it was a native linux app (and therefore being able to use the Meteor webstorm plugin)

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