Meteor with Atom Unable to save file: Permission denied Windows 10


I’m using windows 10 and Meteor. I was trying to edit my basic web page through main.html. Whenever I try to save I get an Unable to save file: Permission denied ‘C:\Windows\System32\simple-todos\client\main.html’ Message. I have download the Meteor API package and tried to download the others like Meteor Helper and Meteor Snippets but I get an error and when I did some research It said that they were outdated and form a different OS. How can I edit my Meteor Js, CSS, and HTML files without getting the permission denied message? Thanks in advance

Your project is located in C:\Windows\System32

This is a system directory, and normal programs don’t have permission to edit files inside of it. Try creating your project in your documents folder, or somewhere you have write permissions to.


Also, don’t create projects as an admin. Just use the normal console.

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