Meteor with Cordova 5 Release?


I saw on Github, that somebody is working on
the support of cordova 5:

On the Meteor roadmap

I find nothing about cordova 5.
I working on a mobile / cordova / meteor app, so I am very interested in this.

Any forecast for a release date for a new Meteor version with Cordova 5 integrated ?

Or is the Meteor team only working on Galaxy ?


They already have this planned for release.


I think MDG is heavily focused on galaxy at the moment. I took up the task of moving towards cordova 5 as much as possible and slava finished it and merged it into devel. This should be part of the next release, but there isn’t a timeline set for the release that I know of.


Nothing stops you from install cordova 5 -g
after creating project via meteor run ios-device --mobile-server …
and then cordova platform update ios/android


Anything new on this, like a release date for the version of Meteor that will include Cordova 5?


I’m working on improvements to the Cordova integration, including an upgrade to the latest versions, that I hope to get into Meteor 1.2 (which will be released later this Summer).