Meteor with dynamodb


Is there any one get an idea about the Meteor with Dynamodb?

Actually i developed my application in meteor with mongodb. Unfortunately, i am getting the performance issues. Then i have used AWS lamda function calls, but there is no change in the performance.

Veeresh V.

Can you tell us a bit more? Like:

  1. How big is your app
  2. Are you using the Mongo Oplog
  3. What usage type is your app (does it require realtime. Is it used for chat / blogging / Graphs. Is it used a lot by a few users or occasionally by a lot of users. Does it have a steady resource usage or are you dealing with spikes of users logging in at the same time?)
  4. Are you using performance monitoring tools like kadira / pm2 etc? They might give you some information about where the bottleneck is. It might be a matter of indexing.

Regarding DynamoDB
You can easily hook its event stream to Meteor’s pub/sub system by using Meteor’s lower level publication API. Just keep in mind that Dynamo might not solve your performance issues. Its a similar type of database compared to MongoDB (both nosql / document based). However, by doing some quick comparison searches. You might find if dynamo will or will not solve your problem:

In the end it boils down to the size of your app. With Mongo, you get the API and all optimizations / glue from Meteor for free. With dynamo you’ll basically have to reinvent the wheel (partially) by hooking on your own publication behaviors. Main advantage of Dynamo if you ask me? Really fast reads (if done correctly and if it fits to your app’s use-case)

Here’s a lib that might help you with dynamodb streams



Thank you for your valuable information. We are developing one health care app and we are dealing with multi-user login functionality. I am fetching the multiple records (around 10000) at a time. There we are getting loading issue. Can you please suggests for the same.

Veeresh v.

How does this fetching take place? Are they all required by just 1 user? Are you trying to publish them all in 1 go? Are you doing any pagination?

10.000 doesn’t seem to be a real issue if you use the right techniques. A typical user just requires max 200 docs at a time. When it starts scrolling or moving a map it gets new records and so on. Pagination would be your friend in this :slight_smile: The article explains a bit about pagination in Meteor:

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