Meteor with MongoDB

I am having trouble getting mongodb to work in meteor. Could someone take a look at the screenshot and see if they see the problem? It is the simple meteor tutorial. Is there something special that needs to be done in Cloud 9 workspace to make this work??

What problems are you having? Your screenshot doesn’t really show.

@hwillson Basically, the app should print all of the documents in my collection but nothing is being printed to the page. I sent a screenshot of the code and the markup with hopes that maybe my code had a typo. Otherwise, I don’t see why it shouldn’t show the documents based on what is there. Seems very basic…

Okay - there is a typo on line 6 of your simple-todos.js. It should be: tasks: function () {

@hwillson But I thought that is supposed to match the template name??

In your simple-todos.html file, you have an #each defined to work with a “tasks” helper. This helper provides the tasks to loop over. Since you’ve specified “tasks” in the #each statement, you need to have a matching helper with the name “tasks” defined in your template. Right now your helper is called “task” (without the s).

Thanks. But unfortunately that didn’t work either…

Can you share your code? It would be much easier to troubleshoot that way. Creating a MeteorPad would be the easiest option. @hwillson

A few issues - your template helper code should look like the following:

  tasks: function () {
    return Tasks.find({});

And your templates #each statement should look like:

{{#each tasks}}
  {{> task}}

Ok. There must be something else wrong because all of this is right. Maybe there’s an issue with the connection to MongoDB or something. I can’t put my finger on it. @hwillson