Meteor with react native

hiii everyone
i am making a react native app. i am using react -native meteor library to connect my native app to my meteor web app
there is problem in this library it makes my app to connect to my meteor app using these link ws:// or ws://localhost:3000/websocket
it tried this but it is not working i am not getting my data through this . so any one would tell me that what i am really missing here, am i doing something wrong.

i am using windows operating system for development

Did you try something like in this link:

yeah i tried it two it is not fetching my data from my meteor app look down to images

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Maybe try to only display when loading is false.

Something like…

render() {
   console.log(this.props); // debug
   const { loading, ledgeres } = this.props;
   return loading ? 
      <View><Text>"data loading...</Text></View> 
     <View>{, i) => (<View key={i}><Text>{}</Text></View>)}</View>

@rizwan92 did you figure this out?

Yes i figured it out