Meteor won't refresh when running MongoDB

I can’t get Meteor 1.4 to refresh if I have the MongoDB shell running. I just get a message saying:

=> Client modified – refreshing

First time this happened, I just went to work and came back and saw that it was stuck, So I did a reboot since I needed to do one anyway.
After that, tried a second time and started MongoDB and added an item to it successfully through the shell and edited some HTML and saved. Got the refresh message sitting there so I googled and waited for about 10 minutes and got nothing. Went shopping and thought what might happen if I stopped MongoDB and tried it when I got home, cause it was still stuck.

Upon closing MongoDB shell, the project did a rebuild immediately. Not sure what’s happening, but I can’t get MongoDB to work.

Xubuntu 16.0x
AMD 8-core CPU @ 3.2 GHz

Are you using meteor mongo command to run the MongoDB shell? I cannot reproduce your issue with my app.

what cmd are you using to launch your app?

in my project directory I type meteor
in a new tab i type meteor mongo

Are there other options aside from the forums?

You can file an issue on Github. Just make sure to describe your issue with as much details as possible (your configuration, etc).

We can reproduce it on Mac. Most important change we made is update of npm mongo-npm. Did you by accident also do that update @laserbeak43 ?

Sorry I’ve missed this. I cannot see how I might have updated Mongo at all.
Seems Meteor has issues being future proof? I wish I had the skill to contribute to its maintenance. At this point, I don’t think that Meteor is for me. Maybe one day.