Meteor won't save any data to mongo

Hi there,

I’m facing a weird issue.

I have an droplet on digitalocean for app server (with ssl) and mongo on

After restart completely randomly, meteor won’t save/remove any data to mongo but most of the app is working (read still works I guess) but you can’t longin/logout or change anything.

I noticed this issue after ssl deployment. Btw, I’m using mup to deploy. if I restart with mup, everthing starts working.

Any idea,what is the issue ? because there is no logs (positive or negative) on server.


Did you save environment variables, such as MONGO_URL in mup, that only kicks in when mup restarts?

yes. all the settings are set in mup.js file

When you said restarted randomly, did you mean the droplet restarted or the meteor restarted randomly?

If the droplet restarted randomly, then meteor shouldn’t be able to to restart by itself without something like forever or a custom systemd service script.

Sorry I put comma in wrong position. Server won’t restart randomly. Meteor randomly locks mongo (can read but not write). If I restart the server, mongo can be writable again.