Meteor would not start on Windows

[[[[[ ~\E\merchant ]]]]]

=> Started proxy.
=> Started MongoDB.
   Starting your app                         -

As you can see, no error code, Meteor just would not start.

It used to start all right until today.

One possibility is that I broke it by doing

meteor add-platform android

on Ubuntu under vmware, then pushed the change and pulled it to Windows. However, even doing

meteor remove-platform android   

did not fix it.

Rolling back now through past Git commits to find out which commit, if any, broke it.

Edit: for a few days before today, Meteor would start, but would sometimes exit without an error on hot push and needed to be restarted. I could live with that.

Meteor still runs fine on Ubuntu under vmware

Found the solution. Removed the android line from .meteor\platforms file. Not sure why it did not work before.

Should I just add .meteor\platforms to .gitignore in order to be able to run Meteor (without Android) on Windows and Meteor with Android on Ubuntu?

Spoke too soon. Now Meteor sometimes starts, and sometimes does not - fails without an error at the last moment. I think I’ll give up on Windows and migrate to Ubuntu now.

And now it would only start 10% of the time - so I keep restarting it :frowning: Also, crashes without error 90% of the time on hot push

WebStorm says: Process finished with exit code 3

Found the problem.

The problem were 3 large files:

a.a. size 2.5M (a json really)
and two .mov files, size 124M

Was it really trying to parse these? What are the rules regarding which file extensions are parsed and which are ignored?

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You should definitely report this on github.