Meteor + x-editable

Hi guys. Can somebody help with problem.

I have table with fields like pic 1

On template rendered

Template.contactDetails.onRendered(function() {
    var self = this

    $.each(this.$('.editable'), function(i, el){
        var contactID = FlowRouter.getParam('id');
        var fieldID = $(el).data('id')
        var fieldValue = $(el).data('value')

        var field = Fields.findOne({
        _id: fieldID


            //disabled: true,
            showbuttons: false,
            savenochange: false,
            type: field.type,
            source: field.values || '',
            value: fieldValue || '',
            onblur: 'submit',
            success: function(response, newValue) {
      'updateContact', contactID, fieldID, newValue, (error, result) => {
                     if (error) console.log(error)
                     else {
                         showNotification('success', 'Contact updated successfully.', 'Success', '1');

This work’s perfectly only first time changing in Contacts collection… Even if manually update collection on rendered not called one more time and x-editable not launch.

Thank’s beforehand.