Meteor Yeoman Generator


As i was searching for a meteor yeoman generator that uses the newest version (Meteor 1.3) and follows the Meteor Guide, I only found an angular and a generator for 1.2 though this one wasn’t really maintained a lot.

So I decided to start making one that will be maintained and will stay updated with the newest Meteor versions and guidelines/recommendations.

Currently the generator creates the basic file structure for Meteor 1.3 + Modules recommended by the Guide

It also supports:

  • ESLint

  • React, it will install react and remove blaze-html-templates, more integration will be coming soon

  • CSS PreProcessors like: SCSS, Less, Stylus and PostCSS and the good old plain css obviously (it will install the packages automatically) and create stylesheets based on your choice

Check the readme for an example and more documentation

What will come in the future:

  • More subgenerators for pages/components/layouts/collections

  • More React integration (Maybe even with Mantra support? Though I haven’t used Mantra yet so help will be appreciated)

If you find an issue, feel free to create one here :wink:

If you have any suggestion or questions about the generator, post them here.


Meteor Yeoman Generator 1.1.0 is out!

It comes with some handy new generators:

  • A Page generator
  • A Component generator