Meteor1.10 + Apollo client 3 + SSR + OneUI and an entry-level suite with authentication


This suite use:

Meteor: 1.10.1
Apollo: @apollo/client Apollo client 3
SSR: Meteor SSR + Apollo SSR
Loadable: npdev: react - loadable
Account: ostrio:cookies + accounts-base
React: latest version
React-router: latest version
UI: @eugle/oneui
Mongodb: Mongodb 4.2
Deployment: Docker + Ubuntu 18.04 + PM2 **

Deploy to a real external database
Deploy to a real external database. The database Mongodb architecture is in Docker. You can directly use Robo 3T to connect to the database and view the real data in the database

Unique UI layout and style writing that you’ve probably never seen before

On the basis of styled - components library encapsulates the @ eugle/oneui front-end UI library, using a letter achieve CSS styles,Real Aii in js, HTML, CSS are all written in the js way, no longer need.css file, also do not need to use inline style

Look at the UI library: one ui

I have been using this suite for project development and production, and meteor 1.8.3, previously used, worked almost perfectly.

After trying meteor 1.10, I felt that the build speed would be 400% faster and the compression package would be 70% lower. It was so much better to experience in the development and production process. It was really great. The.javascript syntax, while a small feature, will feel great for long paths in actual code writing

After the upgrade to Apollo client 3, many packages are integrated and do not need a separate import. For example, packages that previously needed to be imported separately are now all unified using @apollo/client

The complete Apollo Graphql Query Mutation Subscription example

Now, the clone library

Apollo3 Meteor10 SSR

Quick start
git clone
cd apollo3-meteor10-ssr
meteor npm install
npm start


I have been using Meteor for all of my project development and will continue to use it in the future. It is difficult to switch to another language

This suite still has a little problem, need to be solved at the same time may not be perfect, he use the latest beta packages, there may be some unexpected problems, I’ll follow version upgrades constantly updated, if you also want to follow the latest version, or has any improvement and help, please Fork and submit Full requests, are looking forward to the participation of anyone and for helping me, thank you again for Meteor team to create such a good tool, it will change the world


It seems that the git URL is 404 not found?

Thank you for your attention. I am still working on it. I will open it later :joy:

Good work! Thanks for the all the integrations.

@mozibrand, can’t wait…

Sorry for waiting so long and not announcing it, because there is still a reload flicker problem that has not been resolved. But I’m afraid I can’t solve this problem. Now I will publish this source code and hope someone can solve it together

I’ve made Github public and the link is now open

@reactbulma @theara

GitHub is still 404 :frowning:

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sorry, I didn’t make it public. It’s accessible now

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