Meteor1.7 Testing structure?

I am a newbie for Meteor Testing Module.
Meteor1.7 create default tests directory, but in Todo app use own api directory.
Please advise and share.
(I am a newbie for Testing module)

There’s a few approaches to testing for Meteor, and it kind of depends on your chosen front-end framework. Which are you using?

A lot of React folks are using Jest to test

The current recommendation for Blaze is to follow the testing guide and use meteortesting:mocha

And I’m not sure what other folks are using

Thanks for your reply, I base on Vue.

I am not sure how to use testes directory in Meteor1.7 or /imports/api/posts/posts.testes.js

If you’re testing with meteor test you will need to name all your test files *.test.js as meteor in test mode will load all files ending in .test.js and run them with the driver-package

If you’re using another test runner, either set meteor up to not eagerly load js files (by adding meteor: { mainModule: ... } } to your package.json or put all your tests into a test folder, which Meteor won’t touch

Very thanks I will try :sunny:

If you’re not sure how to start, I definitely recommend going through the Meteor testing guide step by step, translating the blaze and react stuff to Vue