MeteorCast membership site?

I am new to programming , I started with rails for one month and then found out about meteor and been digging it for 5 months.

Why there isn’t a site like railcast that showcases all the packages and different use cases so we can learn from?

Anyone planning on creating one?

If I knew enough I would start such site, I am willing to pay membership if there is such a site (or someone can create) .

Have you tried

Yep, but they don’t update it as often and they don’t really have things that beginner will look for like relationship between collections (example I have posts and want to add comments to it so the comments belong to the post…I have a hard time with it even after going through discover meteor 100 times :frowning:

There is site called BulletProof Meteor:
It’s not exactly a video cast site, but it’s a practical course (with bunch of lessons) you can try out and learn by doing.

I’m the author of BulletProof Meteor.

I will check it out.

I bought all the courses or free courses (eventedmind, discover meteor , meteor tips , etc ,etc)

But what I think will be very helpful is a meteorcast site with membership (its a business opportunity for someone).

To learn for example about the collections2 package, collections-helpers, etc ,etc.

GitHub Readme and instructions are not that clear for newbies and I think I am not the only one who has this problem.