MeteorCasts ep11 - Reactivity Crash Course

In this episode we talk about how reactivity works within Meteor. We look at how autorun behaves and also take a glance at Tracker.Dependency.


I was trying to look at your new episode but i’ve run into some issues. First, let me point out that i’ve a fiber internet connection, so i don’t think the problem comes from me (but i may be wrong…).

So i’ve had to wait for the videos to load multiple times after 1 or 2 minutes of run, until around 6 minutes, it has just stop loading the video… And since the video player doesn’t let met jump to 6 minutes, i had to wait again for the same 6 minutes.

Just find out that i can actually download the video.

Anyway, thanks for the courses, i’m gonna dive into the one on your viewmodel package :wink:

I’m sorry man, I don’t know what to say, it’s the first time I hear of someone having problems. What browser are you using? Can you try with another browser? The player may be acting funky for you =/

This is my main issue. If I want to listen to a part again or skip a section I know, I can’t do it because there’s no jump.
There’s also no way to speed up the video (I tend to watch tuts between 1.25 - 2x speed, latter for pluralsight ones where I swear they slow down on purpose)
Would much prefer youtube as a publishing platform as they have both features.
Great videos btw!

I’m on google chrome under linux. I didn’t try on another browser but i’ll do it on your next video ;). I’ve downloaded the video anyway, much easier that way.

yeah that video player kinda sucks. Can’t scrub anywhere in the timeline.

Seems to be an issue with chrome and H.264, not the player. I’ll solve it somehow.