MeteorCasts ep4 - End to end tests using Nightwatch

Nightwatch.js is an easy to use Node.js based End-to-End (E2E) testing solution for browser based apps and websites. It uses the powerful Selenium WebDriver API to perform commands and assertions on DOM elements. To top it off we show how to run your tests with PhantomJS to speed things up.


Another great one, thanks Manuel.
I like how you’ve made it seem so simple.
I’ve neglected tests and might look to implement some :smile:

Excellent introduction :smile:.

I had looked into @awatson1978’s starrynight, but the limitation of OSX only prevented me evaluating it. :+1: for demoing on Windows.

How exciting! Glad to see some Nightwatch love in the community! Thank you for putting this screencast together, @manuel! :smiley:

@robfallows - StarryNight should now support Windows and Linux (in theory)! We had a wonderful pull request submitted by @meonkeys which provided npmPrefix pathing, which sets the relative file paths to where the node_modules directory is located. In theory, it should run on Windows.

Also, if people would like some resources to go along with this excellent screencast, here’s a few useful links:

Nightwatch Runner for Travis (and Phantom)
Config files for setting up a Nightwatch launch script in your application; connecting to a continuous integration environment, and configuring various browsers. Contributed by Alan Blunt.

Writing Acceptance Tests (with Nightwatch)
Basic tutorial on writing acceptance tests.

Nightwatch Unit Testing Functions for Meteor
Some sample functions for writing client-side unit tests using Nightwatch, and testing Meteor Methods. Contributed by A Chusuei and Robin Willis.

Behavior Driven Development with Nightwatch
Example of how to set up BDD style tests. Soon to be integrated into StarryNight; but available as a stand-alone example for now. Contributed by Musci Igor.

StarryNight Utility
And of course my own work on integrating Meteor and Nightwatch. Scaffolding tools to auto-install test files; directory autoscanning and autogeneration of the nightwatch.json config file; isomorphic acceptance testing API across packages/client; tinytest integration; etc.


Hey. Does anyone have a working link to this meteor cast? Would love to see if nightwatch is an option for me