MeteorCloud make changes to deploy app

Pretty basic question, if I change a few words for example in an app that I’ve deployed in MeteorCloud how do I push those changes to MeteorCloud?

I tried running :
meteor deploy --mongo

and got this error:
Error deploying application: Connection error (socket hang up)

So clearly this isn’t the correct process. Do I have to delete the old app every time I make changes? I find that hard to believe.

Thanks for any help.

I ran the very same command a second time:

meteor deploy --mongo

This time myapp updated correctly. I have no idea why I got the previous error.

So maybe this is the correct command to update a deployed app?

Sorry. I didn’t make it explicit that my app wasn’t actually “”, but “”. I was just using “myapp” as a filler.

It seems that:
meteor deploy – mongo
is in fact the correct command, as when I got done the terminal said I had created “version 2”, which I presume means that’s the standard way to update your app.

Thanks for your help.

Yep, Galaxy updates your app by versions like this and if necessary, Galaxy also allows you to roll back to previous versions from the dashboard should something go wrong with an update.