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I’m just starting to learn web development and I think Meteor is the best platform to learn. I’ve created the Meteor Create community in order to collect and compile all Meteor tutorials so that I can go through and complete each guide. If you have Meteor tutorials, please add it to the site so that newbies like me – or expert devs interested in trying out Meteor – can learn from doing it. You can visit the site here:



One IMPORTANT thing for me when looking for a tutorial is date published since meteor is a young framework. Older tutorial might not work as expected in Meteor newer version.

If you could show date published next to posted date… then you have a winner!!!


To expand on this idea, show which version of Meteor the tutorial applies to. If this isn’t feasible, at least showing what the current version of Meteor was at the date the tutorial was published could be useful.


Hi @manrashid and @nkrisc, thank you for your great feedback. I will definitely consider doing your suggestions. Regarding the tutorials posted on the site, I made sure that each of them are made post-1.0. You may find one or two tuts that are “older” but I made sure that it’s still applicable to the new version, or at least in concept.

Thank you! :smile: