Meteorhacks Cluster, MUP and Amazon Auto Scaling

Hello Folks!

I just created a Meteor Cluster with a MongoDB replica set on Amazon. To set up and deploy I used MUP.

My question is. How can I use Amazon Auto Scaling if I have to set MONGO_OPLOG_URL with all ip addresses of my servers?

Is it possible to add a new Meteor node on cluster and a new MongoDB member to replica set dynamically, without MONGO_OPLOG_URL?

//Cc @arunoda

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This could be accomplished through a script using sed against a template w/your MONGO_OPLOG_URL and some AWS CLI commands. I don’t think it’s possible do it dynamically. Most of the issue is that the AWS instances run under local (secure) IPs and often you want to expose a public IP which you have to set explicitly.

Hi allandequeiroz,

I might be off-topic but just wonder if the performance improves with your cluster deployment and how can you set up MongoDB replica instead of MongoDB as a service here Any resource is greatly appreciated.

Thank you