MeteorHelper extension for Visual Studio Code: what is a valid meteor project directory?

I am trying to use Visual Studio Code as an alternative to Webstorm to edit and debug a toy Meteor app. After installing the MeteorHelper extension which is announced as providing “Meteor CLI integration into VSCode” and try to run any Meteor command I get the error msg: “X is not a meteor project directory, check your workspace definition”.

I don’t know whether the problem is the LOCATION of my directory X, or its CONTENT (something is missing?). I changed the meteorhelper.relativeProjectPath string in the settings.json file to various possible values to no avail.

Has anyone out there tried to use VSCode to edit and debug a Meteor app and got that error?

Hi Jacques, just create a new Meteor project or use an existing project and fire up VSCode. If the root of the project has an .meteor folder in it, the extension will activate itself automatically.

Otherwise specify the folder containing the app via the relativeProjectPath configuration option (eg. ‘myApp’ if you are in a folder containing the Meteor app in the folder ‘myApp’ (in which a .meteor folder resides).

Hi Ramonitor, thanks very much for your help.

Sorry, when I asked the question I was just confused by the fact that there was no meteor create option among the commands supported by MeteorHelper. Once I created the project first using the Windows prompt, it worked.

However, I am still unsure what value to assign to the relativeProjectPath config option. Relative OK, but relative to what other path?

For example if the app is at absolute path:
and that below that path there is the .meteor directory
then what should be the value of relatveProjectPath?

Thanks again.

The relativeProjectPath config can be used to allow the Meteor project to be in a sub folder of another directory structure. So if you are in a folder where the Meteor app is in a subfolder, use relativeProjectPath to specify where to find the Meteor app.

Hope this clarifies a bit.

Thanks very much for taking the time to answer me, but I still don’t get it :frowning:
So in the example I gave you:

  • do I need to set the relativeProjectPath property or not?
  • if I do, then to what value?


You only need it if your Meteor app is in a subfolder, otherwise you don’t need it.