Meteoric vs Ionic implementation on Meteor

I saw that Meteor 1.2 now has Angular support, and thus Ionic Framework can now run ‘naturally’ within meteor. I’ve been looking at the Ionic “WhatsApp” Meteor tutorial and it sure looks heavily Angular, obviously.

I used Angular for sometime before moving to Meteor. And honestly, it’s Ionic that keeps me from completely leaving Angular. Until Meteoric.

May I know your thoughts about investing time with Meteoric vs. just using Ionic (and Angular) within Meteor?

I think if you are comfortable with Angular, it might be better for you to stay with Angular/Ionic and Meteor. I tried Angular with earlier Meteor versions, but was having a hard time grokking Angular stuff. When I discovered meteoric and tried them, it allowed me to be able to use blaze/spacebar syntax and get ionic ui stuff. Unfortunately, I think Meteoric is not being maintained , anymore