Meteorjs app memory usage

Dear all,
Trust all is well with you!

One of my apps on galaxy is always on 44% memory usage. Even when no connections are present it’s 44%. Is this because this app is in the essentials plan?

The other app which is in free shows 0% memory usage when no connections are live.

Should I be trying to optimize the memory usage or is this figure normal for a small feature app?

Many thanks in advance for your feedback & guidance…


Hi @digisarathi, it depends on the size of the container you are using. In the Essential plan, the smallest size is Tiny (256GM RAM), which can go up to Dozen (12GB RAM). You can check these options by opening your app and going to the Settings tab on Galaxy.

The free app shows 0% memory usage because it is turned off. All the free apps are turned off after 30min of inactivity. You can see a gray circle before them, meaning they are not running.

Anyway, it is good to think about optimization from the beginning. Sending fewer data to the client, filtering publication data and fields, using correct MongoDB indexes and aggregations, etc.