MeteorJS conference Europe

Meteor Community Packages are planning to host a MeteorJS conference in mid-June in Prague, Czechia.

It would be a 2-day conference on Thursday and Friday.

The idea is that first half of Thursday would be Meteor upgrade and starter workshop, followed by welcome lunch and talks in the afternoon.
Friday will start with talks and afternoon will be focused on upgrading Meteor to latest version (Meteor 3.x) in apps, for packages or starting new projects.
For those staying to visit Prague on the weekend @storyteller will offer guided tour of the city.

The idea is to get Meteor developers together meet each other, learn new things and help each other upgrade to the latest Meteor version (which will be Meteor 3 at that time).

As you can guess from the proposed schedule the focus is on helping existing users get up to speed with latest Meteor and for new Meteor users to learn more about it and see how the more advance users do things.

Since we are still in the idea & investigation phase the structure of the schedule might change, but we would like to keep with the theme.

Estimated ticket prices:
Students, academia, non-profit: 80 EUR
Regular: 150 EUR

We are currently looking to see if there is enough interest to cover the expenses that come with hosting a live event. If we have more people we might be able to go down with price or get more things.

If you are interested please sign-up to our mailing list and share it with your colleagues and other Meteor enthusiast:


Great idea!

Looking forward to seeing it happen!

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Nice idea. Would be great to have a workshop for beginners, too.

How has this idea been progressing?

Sadly due to me having too much going on I’m not able to progress. At this point I don’t think I can even manage to do Impact this fall.