MeteorJS development in Pycharm Community Edition possible?


MeteorJS development in Pycharm Community Edition possible? Thanks


PyCharm is focused on Python, so while it’s possible, it wouldn’t be much better than using a text editor.
What you want is probably WebStorm (awesome tool, also byJetbrains, but not free) or Atom (I haven’t used it much but a lot of people like it, free and open source).



Thanks Nathan, because I used PyCharm for previous Python project and now it wouldn’t make sense for pay for WebStorm as well as planning to renew PyCharm license as they are essentially the same in many areas…or is there any advantage of WebStorm over PyCharm i.e speed etc.

I do notice that if using PyCharm it seems to add lots of additional python related stuff into MeteorJS project?


I’ve totally got to take back what I said… I’ve been using PyChar for Python development, but for some reason I didn’t realize it had first class support for Javascript!
So, yes, you can do Meteor development in PyCharm!


I meant the CE of PyCharm edition Nathan. Also since PyCharm can use Meteor plugin for MeteorJS, can the reverse be said about WebStorm for Python work as well?


I got confused since you were talking about renewing your PyCharm license… anyways, straight from JB website, web development is a feature of the Pro edition only:
So using Community Edition would basically be no better than using a text editor. Buying PyCharm should you get all the same features that Webstorm has, although the features may lag behind a bit and you may need to install free Plugins to get all of the features. As you noted, Meteor support is one of those available plugins:

WebStorm is Jetbrains’ lightest (and cheapest) IDE. The others (PhpStorm, PyCharm, etc) build on top of that with Intellij Idea being the ultimate version that includes all the features of the others, so you won’t be able to get Python support (aside from possibly syntax highlighting) in WebStorm.