MeteorJS dispatches - new Meteor podcast

Hello everyone!
Me @alimgafar and @jkuester are starting a new MCP podcast. We plan to stream weekly talking about various news that happen during the week. Check out our first episode:

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Also if you have any suggestions for future episodes we have a form for you to submit your idea:


Nice! Thanks for putting this together. Look forward to future episodes.

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This is exactly what I’ve been looking for – a community based podcast around Meteor. And for it to include three of my favorite faces in the community is an all around big plus. I hope you stay committed to this endeavor. Thank you and God bless.


Just finished listening, few points:

  • Glad you’re explaining everything thoroughly so everybody can chime in regardless of their Meteor expertise, case in point MongoDB and oplog changes.

  • Was kind sad to learn Alim no longer works at Meteor but I know this won’t change anything about your affection towards Meteor community so best of luck, mate.