MeteorJS Future

I read Meteor Roadmap and read about Apollo Stack

  1. I don’t understand Apollo is the future of MeteorJS or another project?
  2. In the near future (Meteor 1.4, 1.5…) we will see something new in Meteor world that will change the current concept of what we see now?

And finally what determines the further development of MeteorJS: Money, different projects (react, anguar…), companies (google, facebook…)…?


  1. Read Apollo, the data stack for modern apps by Sashko, find the code on
  2. I don’t have any links, but I think that Meteor will move towards using NPM more and become a set of NPM packages itself, eventually. Furthermore it will use what already exists and works, like React for the view layer and maybe even Webpack? We’ll see.

I think MDG’s goal still is to build the best/ most dev friendly/ modern/ cool/ realtime/ reliable/ etc. web framework out there :v: Simple :wink:

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You can think of Apollo as an alternative to the current publish/subscribe data system

I was thinking that Apollo is a SPI to remove the hard dependency against MongoDB and allow us to use any GraphQL supported data stores. Much like JDBC does for Java Databases.

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