MeteorJS Meetup Vienna, Austria

Hello meteorites in the Austria area,
we are re-starting our MeteorJS meetup in Vienna with the first meetup already taking place this Thursday, February 27th! Checkout our meetup page for more information:
Looking forward to see you there!


That’s great!

I can’t participate this time. Will you offer a live stream or a recording?

That’s actually a great idea! We will record it and post the link on the meetup page.

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Awesome! I hope I can make it!

Great ! We need more Meteor meetup all around the world !

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I am a neighbour from Budapest but couldn’t make it this time. Did you end up recording it finally ?

Yes we did record it, but as a heads up - since all participants spoke German the talks were also held in German :disappointed:
We will publish the video nevertheless but it needs some final touches before we can upload it.
The slides for all talks are already available on the meetup page and at least those are in English :raised_hands: Login to Meetup | Meetup
Also, the next meetup is already scheduled for end of May and I hope to see you there.


Finally, the recording is available on YouTube - enjoy!


I’m also from Budapest - maybe we should organize a Budapest meteor meetup. There was one a few years ago.

Sounds like a good idea. Let’s keep in touch to set something up after the coronavirus situation.

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