MeteorJs TODO APP Help required

Hello fellow coders

I have a problem while trying out the tutorial for the meteorJS todo exercise step 5 : Update and Remove

I did not understand what i need to do here : “We also need to remove the old definition of the task template from the imports/ui/body.html file.”

and i did follow the instructions in step 5 , following which i get the error
"Errors prevented startup:

While processing files with templating (for target web.browser):
imports/ui/task.html:1: Expected one of: body, head, template

Your application has errors. Waiting for file change."

Any help on this is greatly appreciate

Thanks in Advance

You definitely have mistake in your code, but we can’t help you unless you paste it here.

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Rather than just adding to the task template in body.html, you need to replace it with the new lines of code. You can always double click the file example and it will bring you to the diff file. This will show what was removed in red and what was added in green.

Hello , Thank you for replying

I had made a typo error while write the code , solved it and issue resolved