MeteorN - A Simple Tool to Deploy Meteor App with Docker Containers


There are already some projects exiting to help people deploy their Meteor apps such as mupx and meteord.

However, they are all too complex to use.

Their learning curves are too steep.

Why should we use tools that are so heavy when we are just trying to deploy a simple app?

This question lead me to the implementation of MeteorN

Reasons for You to Give It a Try

  • It’s extremely simple to use.

  • It’s highly flexible to customize.

  • It has no dependency other than docker.


Now we have Let's Encrypt support.

To use https svervice from Let's Encrypt, what you need to do is just do some file editing.

Then MeteorN will take care of everything (From initial certificates acquisition to SSL renewl).

What’s more?

We correct several bugs so that now WebSocket works pretty well.



Nice. Thanks for sharing.