MeteorPad too slow

Are there others who think MeteorPad is almost unusable these days?

Are you talking about ?

It’s slow to start, for sure.

But what’s this have to do with core?

Afaik it’s not even a MDG product.

Well, sort of (see [here][1]).

[1]:[quote=“garrilla, post:2, topic:11578”]
But what’s this have to do with core?

core: Use this topic for discussing changes to any of the Meteor subprojects, including the core packages, isobuild and the Meteor tool, the Meteor Developer Ac…


Anyway, Mike Risse is very helpful - issues here

I’m sure the slowness is nto meteorpad but 1.2.0.x build pace

It appears to be down as of today, February 27, 2016.