Meteor's Internal Architecture Diagram

Is there any documentation (such as architecture diagrams ) for the Meteor Project itself that people are aware of? I was interested in taking a look if that existed.


I don’t think we have but we should create one.

We also should create a diagram for newcomers then they can understand Meteor parts in a high level and choose what parts to use. Meteor does a lot and in some cases you don’t want to use everything.

What would be the best tool to start this collaborative drawing effort?


Sorry to intrude, but I found this to be an interesting subject. :wink:

One great tool I know of is PlantUML which allows you to embed diagrams inside markdown files and view them in WebStorm or other JetBrains IDEs… basically you have UML diagrams as code. You can use to document sequences, use cases, classes, etc… but I don’t know how viable it would be.

Perhaps you can render the diagrams as images and serve them, but keep the diagrams original text files under version control… but I never seen anyone do this in the open source community.


There used to be a great one by @awatson1978 on the meteor cookbook iirc. However, I just went looking for it now and couldn’t find it anymore. Here is the one I found they created for the clinical meteor track though, maybe that helps as a starting point.


I personally don’t think it needs to be UML, any kind of diagram that shows in simple terms how Meteor is structured will be helpful