Meteor's reactivity translated

I am in process of checking various Meteor tutorials. So, as far as I see, Meteor’s default concept of reactivity is just selective configurable (helpers need to be defined) one-way (model->view) data binding?

It doesn’t necessarily need to be associated with the view. You can create arbitrary one-way reactive computations with Tracker.autorun.

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I see. So these one day may become something like Akka actors if there is a demand? Visual accent is probably due to the fact that current demand of business and recreational (social) apps is in ‘provide the controls for human operator’ domain and not in the ‘automate everything behind the scenes’ domain :slight_smile:

And actually now I see that actually there are two concepts:

reactivity of controls and

Reactivity of Meteor framework, which is much bigger concept confirming to this manifesto.