Meteortesting:mocha v2 released

Changes between 1.x and 2.0

Breaking changes

  • Removed dependency on lmieulet:meteor-coverage - it’s a weak dependency now. When updating from 1.x to 2.0, Meteor will automatically add this package to your dependencies.

Going forward

We’re constantly searching for ways to improve the documentation on this package. Our focus is to provide a package which helps you run the tests of your Meteor application or package in the easiest possible way.

Please start a discussion with us if you have difficulties or see a way how we can achieve this goal. Feel free to also kick off a discussion at the community slack channel (


Amazing work, thank you! :pray:

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there are so many really great packages for Meteor, this one, grapher, redis-oplog, the sass processor, all the vue ones, all the svelte ones. and thats just to name a few

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From the last time I tried it there were problems using the coverage package with built-in TypeScript support. Wasn’t able to get it working consistently. Didn’t dig in too much yet but it would be really great to get it working…

When was that? The latest release of the coverage package v3.2.0 was specifically targeting TypeScript ( - would be nice to hear back how it works.

One of the reasons why I replaced the strict by a weak dependency is that Meteor by default installs the lowest compatible version first, which is the coverage package v1.0.0 in this case :sweat_smile:

Yeah I tried it recently. I’ll make a repro soon and submit an issue to the coverage repo…

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