MeteorZap Package Request


I’d like to suggest that someone create a package to connect Meteor with Zapier.

What is Zapier?
If you’ve not used it already, Zapier is a very general purpose and very easy to use service that creates ‘Zaps’ that connect many, many kinds of cloud-based services. It makes it trivial to do things like log data from a Meteor app to a Google sheet, then send out an SMS or Slack message whenever a row in the sheet changes, translate it into a different language if you want, and send it to you along with the weather after checking your PayPal account and logging a ticket in ZenDesk. You get the idea.

Why create this Package?
First off, it’d be a really easy package to create, and one that I hope would get a lot of use as Zapier becomes more widely used. It’d really just be a light wrapper around HTTP and simple:rest that’s designed to connect to Zapier to process inbound and outbound webhooks. One could argue that a package isn’t needed at all, but I think it’d be helpful, and it would also introduce the community to the tremendous opportunities of connecting Meteor with Zapier. There are a phenomenal number of things that are easier to do this way than within Meteor or js alone.

Why don’t I create the Package?
In short, skillz.