Methods and Subscriptions in Redux: Where have you been doing these?

Are people using Thunk + Methods in their actions, and dispatching in the callback?

For connecting a subscription to the redux store, are people using tracker wrapped around an action? Or tracker in a reducer?

const middlewares = [

const enhancer = compose(
    //other stuff goes here like DevTools.instrument()

const store = createStore(rootReducer, initialState, enhancer);
Then you create an action:

export function loadUser() {
    return dispatch => {
        Tracker.autorun(() =>{
                type: USER_DATA,
                data: Meteor.user()

and reference that one at startup:

        <Provider store={store}>
            <Router history={history}>
                <Route path="/" component={App}>

I’m only using that for stuff which gets used in a major number of modules - just like in your example, i.e. the User.

Everything else is usually only referenced by one component and thus doesn’t need to be handled by Redux, i.e. doesn’t get handled by a reducer / actions at all.