Methods called repeatedly when multiple tabs open

This happens to me on v1.3. I have multiple tabs open to the same page. when i refresh one tab, methods are called as if all the tabs are being refreshed. this behavior does not happen consistently. what’s more troublesome is that sometimes the method calls somehow propagate. instead of the correct number of method calls, there are thousands of duplicate calls queued up in Meteor.connection_.outstandingMethodBlocks. I can cause this to happen by repeatedly refreshing each tab for a few seconds. the number of duplicate calls continues to grow until the server is killed and/or client is closed. What’s going on?

Note: These methods are called with Meteor.apply with noRetry set to true. Also, these methods are hooked up to HTTP get requests that use futures.
One more note: Even though all the methods are set to noRetry:true, Meteor.connection_.outstandingMethodBlocks indicates that some of the many duplicated methods have noRetry set to false.

I thought you resolved this?

i did! i submitted this post a week ago, and it’s just now approved. pfffft.