Methods/Objects available from client side in production?


In say, a package like Socialize:messaging et’ al., there are many methods & objects available from client & server. Like addParticipant, isTyping etc.

Is it fair to assume that these methods & objects are not gonna be available from the client side, in Production or when we remove autopublish package. Since these methods interact with collections to provide their functionality, is it true that in production we will have to write methods & publish/subscribe, using the methods & objects on server side to use the package??

Any publications in the package would also be available?


Not really. The only thing that will be removed from client side when you remove autopublish package will be any data not subscribed. Methods will not be affected and a method may be available in both client (stub, interacting only with subscribed collection data) and server side (interacting with the real collection data). Weather you want or not to have client side method stubs is a design choice. Same with collection updates/inserts/removes…


All of the methods in development will be available in production and when insecure are removed. The current version of the package does not come with publications. Therefore if you are using currently released versions of packages, you will need to write publications for the data to be available once the autopublish package is removed. The thought there was that you as the developer may want to use any number of data join packages that are available. In the upcoming release of the packages this will not be the case.

At this point, if you haven’t already built and released you app, I would definitely recommend using the devel branches of the packages to avoid a lengthy upgrade in the near future. Since the updates include redis-oplog integration and reywood:publish-composite is the only join package that currently works properly with redis-oplog, the updates also include relevant publications.