Microservices architecture

Hi there,
I try to build a poc to play with microservices and meteorjs.
I did 2 services:

  • the first one is a simple CRUD to manage contacts
  • the second manage products and orders

I’ve learn i can join microservices with DDP.connect('http://server1.com/);but i try to understand how and where to unify things.
The aim is a simple app for example where a connected user can add some products in a basket. Then, where do i create the layout and everything which call the webservices to connect and to add to the basket ? Is it a new service ?
Another point, if my microservices have options (ie send email when order is confirmed), is there a way to have a simple option page where i can find all options from all services available ?

Thanks a lot

I’m interested in microservices architecture as well. Did you manage to find solutions to those questions?
What about ddp authentication?

also very interested in this topic.

Did you look at this?

I’m reading The Tao of Microservices.
The free Chapter 1 persuaded me to buy the book. It’s early access and only the first two chapters are written.
It looks like the final chapter will be a case-study of NodeZoo a search engine for node.js modules that uses the Seneca microservices toolkit for Node.js .

This doesn’t really exist in core. I know @ianserlin worked on a package to help with this paradigm. You can see his talk from Crater Conf:

Honestly, if cross-service authentication is a concern, I would take a serious look at Feathers.js, they are using JsonWebTokens to handle it, much more standards compliant than just making up something like DDP :slight_smile:

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Is there a situation when it is not?

Is the project still open , Happy to assist you for the business needs