Microsoft's Project Ace with Meteor

Hi, I want to use Microsoft’s Project Ace with Meteor. Its used for implementing native look & feel in the Hybrid/Cordova App.

Basically, It consists of predefined components ( in the xamp file format. Are they supported in Meteor? If yes, can anyone has an example for this.

I tried added library and adding few generalized methods like onPause and onResume and Toast message in them, they are working fine. It would be great if I can get any help from the community itself

@robfallows @cloudspider @waldgeist @copleykj Guys, its one of the Great libs please share if you have any information regarding this

I don’t think there’s anything Meteor specific necessary here… I’ve never used it but as far as I can tell it’s just a cordova plugin with an optional XAML compiler. It will require Windows >= 8.1 for the XAML compilation though.

Personally looks like way more work than it’s worth. React Native is a much cleaner solution, but this is also coming from me, having quite a bit of experience with React.

There are many things related with XAML files. Can you tell me how to use XAML files with Meteor?

From the documentation I don’t see anything would cause Meteor to come into the equation here… The XAML files need to be compiled by a Windows executable called markupcompiler.exe from there you have to move the files to the www/xbf folder of your cordova project. Here is a youtube video that explains a bit about working with the files in your code.

As in Meteor, we don’t have any www folder, So I don’t know where do I exactly need to place the XAML files for my project to work. This was my concern

Oh, yes… My bad there. I’ve not used the cordova integration in years and had forgotten that Meteor controls that part of the cordova app. Unfortunately you’d probably be looking at writing a compiler plugin to tap into the the build process. Even then I’d probably still go another route. You won’t be able to really share code between web and mobile, and as far as I can see you’ll end up doing manual DOM manipulation when data changes and such.

Seems far simpler to take a day and learn React. JSX is easy, and unlike the XAML it has really a really good compiler that isn’t relegated to a Windows environment.

Okay @copleykj, My concern was I have used Blaze as Frontend So, If I need to move to React then I need to remove Blaze first.

You could always incrementally replace Blaze by either switching to react and using your Blaze components within React via gadicc:blaze-react-component or slowly migrate each Blaze template to a React component and then use them within Blaze via the react-template-helper package.

You can read more about this in the React section of the Meteor Guide.

Thanks @copleykj. I will look into it.