Mid-Level Software Engineer - Meteor Cloud Team

Hey everyone!

We are pleased to announce that we are hiring a new Software Engineer to join the team to work on Galaxy/Meteor Cloud.

Our team is looking for someone to help us build and evolve Galaxy / Meteor Cloud with features that make it easier for developers to deploy and manage their apps.

The job type is a long-term contract, full-time (40h/week), remote, and needs mid-level experience.

You can find more details about the role and apply for it here: https://www.weworkmeteor.com/jobs/tFmCH8EpRLpFhv7ET/mid-level-software-engineer-meteor-cloud-team


Hi @acamikuro !!

Please keep this post refreshed as the process goes forward. Knowing if the position is still open is helpful as we reach out to share with friends.


The position is still open, @alimgafar. Iā€™m conducting interviews and selecting the candidates. We will notify you here if the position is closed.